MailVault v5 is here!

MailVault v5.0.0 is available.

An upgraded technology layer, new Email Plus functionality and dedicated support for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace!

This release contains:

  • Email Plus functionality (also backups files, calendars and contacts)
  • Dedicated mail source for Microsoft 365 (email, drive, calendars, contacts)
  • Dedicated mail source for Google Workspace (email, drive, calendars, contacts)
  • Technology stack and core libraries updated
  • Minor fixes, enhancements and optimizations

With the new Email Plus functionality, MailVault can now also backup documents, calendars and contacts.

While MailVault has always supported backing up email from Microsoft and Google, v5 offers dedicated support for both these platforms. Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace are now available as dedicated mail and data sources, where you can optionally choose the additional data that you may want backed up for specific, or for all users.

Other minor fixes, enhancements and optimizations make the functioning of MailVault better than earlier. Also the UI has been modified slightly, to allow the more relevant information to be in focus, and for a generally lighter and more pleasing look.

The upgraded technology stack improves performance and sets the stage for more functionality in future versions.

Note for existing v4.x.x users:

Version 5 is a major release. While new users can start using v5 right away, existing users of pre-v5 installations will need to follow a few steps to upgrade and derive the benefits of v5. Detailed information about this has been emailed to existing users. We strongly recommend you go through that before initiating the update. In case you need any technical clarifications or assistance, please get in touch with our Support team.

We hope you enjoy MailVault v5.

As usual, we’d love your feedback and suggestions.

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