MailVault SPE

The Service Provider Edition

Email Archiving as a Service. Made Easy!

Service Providers can use MailVault SPE to offer email archiving as a service, thereby increasing revenue from existing clients, as well as gaining new clients.

Benefits for Service Providers

MailVault SPE can be a great addition to your solution portfolio, if:

  • You already offer email services. Simple and logical extension.
  • You offer backup and recovery services. Same target segment.
  • You run your own cloud-infra and want to offer additional value-added services on that. More solutions in your basket.
  • You wish to increase stickiness with customers. Email archiving is a long-term, recurring-revenue offering.

Why MailVault SPE?

  • A single-setup allows you to offer email archiving to multiple clients.
  • Each end-user company gets their own MailVault instance.
  • The multi-tenant, elastic architecture allows you to use your resources efficiently, and scale easily when needed.
  • A centralized management console.
  • Automated licensing across all the MailVault instances.
  • Bill-assist and usage information, to help you bill your customers.
  • Customized admin-roles for your clients, allowing them partial or full access to certain functionality.
  • Pay-as-you-go subscription model.
  • Great service and support from the MailVault Team.


Let’s discuss how MailVault SPE can add value to your business. Get in touch with us now!