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Your email is valuable. Keep it safe!

MailVault securely backs-up your entire organization’s email into a centralized archive. Powerful search mechanisms allow you to view and restore email for any user, any email address, over any time period.

Additionally, MailVault’s Email Plus functionality allows organizations to backup documents, files, calendars and contacts; and offers native support for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace.

Compatible with all mail systems, MailVault readies your company for ediscovery and compliance, and helps you save money in the process.

MailVault is available for Microsoft Windows and Linux, and can be deployed on-premise, or in the cloud and even in a hybrid mode.

In a nutshell, MailVault makes email archiving and email backup simple, productive and a joy to use.


Compatible with ALL standards-based email servers

Do you use a cloud based solution like Microsoft 365 (Office 365), or Google Workspace (G Suite), Gmail for Business, Google Apps – Free Edition?

Or do you run Microsoft Exchange on a MS Windows server? MDaemon? Zimbra? Lotus Notes? Perhaps you run Postfix or Qmail or Sendmail on Linux? Or maybe one of the many email servers that support POP3 or IMAP and SMTP?

MailVault will happily co-exist and work along with any of these, thus giving you the freedom to mix-and-match and protecting your investment in your email infrastructure – now and in the future.


Download MailVault

MailVault is available for Microsoft Windows and Linux.

New users may download a free copy to test run and explore MailVault. The demo copy is full-featured, but limited to three users and one thousand emails. We encourage the “try before you buy” approach and in case you need to, you may apply for an evaluation license.

Are you a Service Provider?

Service Providers can use the MailVault Service Provider Edition to offer Email-archiving-as-a-Service to their clients.


Buy MailVault

MailVault pricing is based on user-license slabs. Our international users can purchase MailVault online – conveniently and securely. For users from India, we accept cheques and demand drafts too.

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