Release: MailVault v4.1.0

MailVault v4.1.0 is available.

This significant release features a revamped user-interface with improved usability and actions.

The UI has been made responsive across various screen sizes, so you can access MailVault from various devices – your desktop, laptop and tablet – all with a clean and convenient user-experience.

Additionally, the core libraries have been updated for better performance, and some minor fixes and enhancements have also been done.


  • This release uses Java 7. While Windows users will automatically receive the Java update, Linux users will need to ensure that Java 7 is installed before the upgrade can succeed. Don’t worry, MailVault will detect this, inform you and not allow the upgrade to proceed.
  • All users may need to clear their browser cache.

You can upgrade your MailVault installation by going to:

Settings > Core > Auto updates and click on Check for updates

Then simply follow the on-screen instructions.

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