MailVault v5.2 released (with multiple goodies!)

MailVault v5.2.0 is available.

This release contains multiple assorted goodies:

  • Support for Google Workspace IMAP and SMTP over OAuth 2.0
  • Support for Microsoft 365 IMAP and SMTP over OAuth 2.0
  • Remote authentication and user import endpoints now available separately in Settings
  • The Quickstart UI is now simpler and quicker
  • Improved resource utilization for some internal services
  • Significant speed up in Cloud Storage
  • Enhancements in audit and logging
  • Optionally restrict the reuse of previous passwords
  • Fixes for a couple of cloud storage providers
  • Fixes for bulk user import from CSV, LDAP and M365
  • Other minor fixes and enhancements

Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 no longer allow ‘simple’ authentication for IMAP or SMTP access. Well, no fear, we’ve added OAuth 2.0 support for these functionalities.

Usability improvements include the following: Remote-authentication and user-import endpoints now have their own independent little spaces in Settings. Besides the flexibility, this makes things clearer and easier to use. Additionally, the Quickstart UI has gotten even simpler, so you can get started really quick!

Some internal services have been fine-tuned, so we can now do more, with less. Some external services like Cloud Storage have gotten a significant overhaul, so if you have the bandwidth, you could see a serious speed up.

From a security policy point of view, organizations can now optionally restrict the reuse of previous passwords.

An important note for our users:

  • We’ve extended support for 32-bit systems to the v5.2.x series.
  • However, we strongly recommend that users deploy MailVault on 64-bit systems.

You can manually upgrade your MailVault installation by going to:

Settings > Core > Auto updates and click on Check for updates

Then simply follow the on-screen instructions.

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