Additional self-service controls, faster restore from cloud storage

MailVault v4.3.18 is available.

This release contains:

  • Controls to allow self-service for end users – to restore and forward email
  • Skystore – restoring mail from cloud storage is now much faster
  • Usernames and email addresses can now contain some characters not allowed previously
  • Minor fixes and enhancements

Based on feedback from some of our customers, we have enhanced self-controls that administrators can apply for end users. You can now allow or disallow users to forward or restore their own email.

For on-premise user’s of MailVault, it’s SkyStore functionality allows you to save a copy of your archived email in the cloud securely, while keeping a complete or partial (to save on local storage requirements) backup locally. This release speeds up restoring email from the cloud – significantly.

You can manually upgrade your MailVault installation by going to:

Settings > Core > Auto updates and click on Check for updates

Then simply follow the on-screen instructions.