Release: MailVault v4.0.13

MailVault v4.0.13 is available.

This significant release features the new Archive manager, which contains powerful features, with convenient usability.

The Archive manager allows for:

  • Creating new archives and setting them up for auto-activation, when the current primary archive gets full
  • Adding existing archives
  • Marking entire archives as Closed (no more email will be archived), Read-only (no email archival or deletion), Disconnected (archive is not reachable unless plugged back in)
  • Search across multiple archives simultaneously
  • Search old format (pre-MailVault v4) and new format indexes simultaneously

The old Plug’n’play functionality is no longer required and has been removed. After logging into MailVault, the Archive manager is available at the following location: Settings > Archive > Archive manager

A few other minor improvements complete the release.

You can upgrade your MailVault installation by going to:

Settings > Core > Auto updates and click on Check for updates

Then simply follow the on-screen instructions.