Backup email from Google Apps Free Edition

MailVault v4.1.49 is available.

This release contains:

  • Native support for Google Apps Free Edition
  • Added default Archiving Rules
  • Enhanced bulk-users import (Search introduced)
  • Other minor fixes and enhancements for improved stability

The free edition of Google Apps does not allow for the creation of an email journal account, which really is the recommended way to do compliant and convenient email archiving.

Companies that use Google Apps (Free Edition) and wish to backup their users email have to deal with individual user mailboxes and manage authentication for each user individually. These leads to the following problems:

  • Create and manage many mail sources (one per user)
  • If a user changes his password, ensure that it is updated in the archival system as well

As you can imagine, these are really cumbersome issues.

The good news is that with this release MailVault offers built-in functionality to overcome the above issues. With a one-time configuration in your Google Apps Free Edition account, you can select user mailboxes that you would like to have backed up, and MailVault will do the rest. No user intervention required, not even when they change their passwords.

You can manually upgrade your MailVault installation by going to:

Settings > Core > Auto updates and click on Check for updates

Then simply follow the on-screen instructions.

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