Email Backup for Office 365

MailVault can backup and archive email from your Office 365 system.

A quick and easy setup allows email archiving to start in a matter of minutes. Additionally, MailVault offers users with many benefits over the inbuilt archiving features of Office 365 (available only in expensive, higher editions) .

Benefits of using MailVault with Office 365

Disaster proof
The email backup is separate and stored away from your primary mail communication system. Keeping your data in geographically different locations, helps in keeping your organization disaster proof.

Easy access to email
Accessing archived data is no longer affected by mail system outages, quota limitations, etc.

Archive email from multiple systems simultaneously
In case your company uses multiple email service providers, or systems, MailVault can archive email from them all, centralize the archive and deduplicate across mail systems, saving storage costs and improving efficiency.

Reduce expenses
Office 365 offers some inbuilt archiving features (which we feel fall short in multiple ways) – in any case they are available only in their higher end offerings, for which a company must pay additional money.

With all mail safely inside MailVault, there is no need to maintain mailboxes for users who have left the company, thus saving the recurring expense on ex-employee mailboxes.

No lock-in to Office 365
You can change email providers and email systems at will, with the knowledge that your email is stored securely for the long-term in MailVault.

Other MailVault Benefits

MailVault offers numerous benefits, such as:

  • Works with your current (and future) email system.
  • Uses deduplication and compression for efficient disk usage.
  • Uses military-grade encryption to keep your email stored safely.
  • Offers simple, yet powerful, full-text search mechanisms.
  • Supports different user-roles with different privileges.
  • Allows self-service for users, saving time and effort for the administrators.
  • Supports archive access via web-browser and email clients.
  • Makes it easy to restore a single email or entire mailboxes.
  • Keeps an audit trail of all operations.
  • Allows for filters, retention policies and litigation hold support.
  • Offers privacy and data protection for users, especially higher management.
  • Maintain usage and efficiency reports.
  • Runs on Windows & Linux, on-premise & in the cloud, and also offers a hybrid mode.
  • Lots of other useful stuff…

Check the features and benefits for more information, download MailVault or apply for an evaluation license.

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