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MailVault pricing is based on user-license slabs. Our international users can purchase MailVault online – conveniently and securely. For users from India, we accept cheques and demand drafts too.

Note: All prices are in INR and exclusive of any taxes.


10 Users

Rs. 9990

15 Users

Rs. 14900

25 Users

Rs. 23750

50 Users

Rs. 42500

100 Users

Rs. 75000

200 Users

Rs. 120000

300 Users

Rs. 150000

400 Users

Rs. 160000

500 Users

Rs. 175000

1000 Users

Rs. 250000

Note: All prices are in US Dollars and exclusive of any taxes.


10 Users

$ 250

15 Users

$ 375

25 Users

$ 590

50 Users

$ 1060

100 Users

$ 1875

200 Users

$ 3000

300 Users

$ 3750

400 Users

$ 4000

500 Users

$ 4375

1000 Users

$ 6250

Purchasing FAQ

How many licenses do I need?

You will need a license for each user for whom you wish to archive email.

A “user” is defined as an active, local email-id. To be more specific, it is the “username” part of the email id. To illustrate using an example, consider the following scenario:

An organization with multiple domains: &
An employee Jack with two email ids:,

MailVault supports multiple domains per organization, as well as multiple email-ids per user. In this case, Jack should be treated as a single user. MailVault does this by identifying “jack” as a user and therefore the organization will need a user-license for him.

Any local user who has sent an email during the last 60 days is considered active and will be part of the total license count.

MailVault licenses are available in convenient user-slabs – just pick the one appropriate for the total number of your users.

Is a user-license “tied” to a user?

No a user-license is not tied to a specific user. This means that if an employee leaves the company, a user-license is freed and may be used for another employee.

Email archived for a user, who may or may not be with the company, stays archived in MailVault and is always searchable and retrievable like any other email.

When do I receive my license file?

On confirmation of payment, we will email you your license within one working day.

Can I purchase additional user licenses?

Yes, at any time. You can choose to upgrade to a higher user slab. Please contact our sales team with your requirements and we will assist you.

Do note that any contract periods (technical support, software upgrades, etc.) for the new licenses will continue to be the same as those of your primary product.

Will my existing demo or evaluation installation work with my license?

Yes, absolutely. Your commercial license can be deployed into your existing installation to continue using it, without repeating the installation & configuration or losing any of the email already archived.

How do I subscribe for software updates?

There is a one-time license charge (as above) for the software itself. After the first year, you can subscribe to our annual software upgrade protection (priced at 20% of the license price) to ensure that you receive all updates – minor, as well as major – for the year.

Are there any discounts available?

If you are a non-profit, educational or public service institution please get in touch with us to avail of a discount.

If you already use a commercial archiving solution and would like to change to MailVault, we’d be happy to give you a discount. Please get in touch with us for more details.

Finally, if you are a partner or reseller, you will of course be able to buy MailVault for further sales at a discounted price. To partner with us, please get in touch for more details.